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Wireless Rain Gauge

Wireless Rain Gauge
Article No. 36-3231

24.99 (incl. VAT,  ex. delivery) Available In Stock
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  • How much rain fell yesterday?
  • Enables you to check how much it has rained without having to go outside.
  • Displays the amount of rainfall, time and indoor and outdoor temperatures.
  • Radio-controlled clock with alarm.
  • Self-tipping rain gauge, empties automatically when it becomes full.

  • Display typeLCD 
  • ClockYes 
  • Radio-controlledYes 
  • Transmitter batteries2 x AAA/LR03 batteries (sold separately) 
  • Receiver batteries 2 x AA/LR6 (sold separately) 
  • Measuring range-9.9°C to +80°C (indoors) 
    -40°C to +65°C (outdoors) 
  • Width81 mm
  • Height144 mm
  • Depth26 mm
  • Date displayNo 
  • Frequency434 MHz
  • Indoor temperatureYes 
  • Rain measurementYes 
  • Range100 m
  • Unit of temperature°C/°F 
  • WirelessYes 
  • Outdoor temperatureYes 
  • Displays max/min temperatureYes 
  • Packaging size 18.3 x 9.6 x 8.7 cm
  • Packaging weight 362  g
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  • More Info
      Regardless of the season, it is always interesting to know about the temperature and how much it has rained. Keep a check on current temperatures, last night's temperature or find out how much it rained during the week. If you have a wireless rain gauge, you can check how much it has rained without having to go outside. The wireless sensor registers the amount of rain that has fallen and sends the information to the display unit where you can read the data from the last hour, week or since it was reset.

      Rain gauge with built-in temperature measurement
      This wireless rain gauge runs on 2 x AAA/LR03 batteries (sold separately) and should be placed on an open and horizontal surface outdoors, ideally in a shaded area so that the built-in sensor that measures outdoor temperatures is not affected by the sun. If placed in a spot with an unobstructed line of vision the signal range is up to 100 m. Unlike an analogue rain gauge the amount of rain is measured using a lever and tipping bucket, where the bucket empties automatically when it gets full.

      Temperature and time display
      The display unit runs on 2 x AA/LR6 batteries (sold separately) and as well as showing the amount of precipitation it displays indoor and outdoor temperatures, where the highest and lowest recorded temperatures are saved in the memory so you can check what the temperature was during the night. It also has a clock with an alarm feature. The clock is radio-controlled which means that the time will be set automatically according to the time signal transmission it receives from Germany. Automatic adjustment of the clock for summer and winter time.
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