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12 V, Solar Panels and Electronics Accessories

A solar panel gives you the freedom to charge and power electrical appliances in locations not connected to the 230 V electricity mains network. This makes them ideal for boats, caravans and motorhomes. Why not harness and utilise free energy from the sun to power electrical devices running on 12 V or 24 V or to charge your mobile phone or tablet PC? A solar panel can give you the means of powering a TV, lighting and even basic kitchen appliances for that little extra comfort out in the countryside, in your caravan or in your allotment or garden shed. We sell a range of products to help you install your own environmentally-friendly power source, such as solar panels, connectors and switches. Our assortment of components for 12-volt circuits also includes sockets, splitters and fuses for vehicles and appliances. In true Clas Ohlson tradition, we also sell a number of project kits for electronics enthusiasts. You can develop your electronics skills and learn more about robots by building your own models, programming them and interacting with them.
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