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Fuses for electrical equipment, appliances and automotive vehicles

The purpose of a fuse is to protect the electronics in electrical equipment if something should go wrong, such as a circuit overload or incorrect connection. We stock a wide range of fuses of different ratings and in different sizes no matter whether you are looking for glass tube fuses, ceramic vehicle fuses or assorted sets of more modern blade-type automotive fuses. Our blade (or spade) car fuses come in both MINI and MIDI sizes and are handy to have as spares in your car just in case. If you plan to customise your vehicle with extra equipment such as a car stereo, extra spotlights or an LED light bar, an in-line fuse holder is a useful accessory. It is designed to hold a car fuse and has a cover to seal out water and moisture. We also sell panel-mount fuse holders that hold the glass tube type fuses.