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Indoor dehumidifiers and crawl space dehumidifiers

Using a humidifier can keep the moisture balance in the air at home at a reasonable level. Whether you use one in your living environment, storage room, basement or attic, it can greatly help to reduce damp and mould damage and gives a cleaner indoor climate. If you place a humidifier where you dry your clothes, then they will dry much faster. The humidifier absorbs moisture while at the same time it circulates drier air. If you have replaced your oil boiler with a heat pump, then the basement will not heat up in the same way as it did when the boiler was in place. Which is where humidifiers can come in handy. They are also ideal for caravans, camper vans and other vehicles, which are generally not used during the winter months. Different humidifiers more suitable for different types of spaces, read more about the respective product here to find the right product for you. We have various types of automatic condensation dehumidifiers to more simple models such as the Torrbollen Moisture Absorber that absorbs surplus damp in the air. We also stock refills, filters, etc. for various types of dehumidifiers.