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Many types of hammers for a variety of tasks

When choosing a hammer it is important that you pick the right type of hammer for the job to be done and that itis of a size and weight that is appropriate for you. A claw hammer, also called a carpenter's hammer, with a 16 oz head, is the most common type of hammer and is suitable for a great many jobs. Heavier hammers can deliver a more powerful blow and are suitable for experienced carpenters. For people who do a lot of nailing an anti-vibration, shock absorbing claw hammer is a good choice because it will reduce the amount of harmful vibration transmitted to your body. Some of the claw hammers even have nail holders to help you start nailing when you only have one hand free. Then there are many specialised hammers such as mini hammers, ball-pein hammers, cross-pein hammers, combination plastic/rubber hammers, wooden and rubber mallets, blacksmith's hammers, club hammers and sledge hammers.