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Router cutters

With a plunge router and the right type of router bit or router cutter you can achieve results that otherwise only an accomplished carpenter or cabinetmaker could achieve. A set of router bits will include a number of different shaped cutters for different applications and profiles. There are different types of router cutter available, with guide bearings and without. A router cutter with a guide bearing is used for shaping the edges of workpieces. A flush trimmer is one such example. A router cutter without a guide bearing is used for cutting slots and recesses. A straight cutter is a good example of a router bit without a bearing. It makes vertical cuts and is the simplest of all router bits. The V-groove cutter has a similar application but is tapered. A round nose or radius cutter is another useful router bit, it is rounded and can make small intricate shapes. The bearing guided edge trimmers come in various profiles: the chamfer cutter that chamfers edges at 45 degrees, the roundover cutter that rounds off the edges of e.g. a table, and moulding cutters that come in many different profiles – from simple curves to more complicated profiles. Moulding cutters are used for skirting boards, plinths, pelmets, picture frames and trim, anywhere that you would like a certain profile. With your own router and router bits you can create beautiful shapes and profiles along the edges of your wood yourself and won't need to buy expensive pre-moulded materials or hire a professional carpenter. Another handy power tool accessory for making straight or curved channels in wood is the multi-angle drill bit. It is useful for routing pipes or cables through studding or framework if you want them to be recessed and hidden. By routing a channel for the pipe you can install the pipe more discreetly for a professional result. Multi-angle drill bits are used with an electric drill or powerful cordless drill/driver.