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Graters and choppers

Of course you could use a knife for the majority cutting and chopping tasks but sometimes it is so much easier to use other types of kitchen utensils for food preparation. A grater is a classic example of an invaluable utensil for most kitchens and it has such a simple, timeless design and yet is so practical. Graters come in various designs, some just grate finely, some grate coarsely, some have different cutting faces and are good for both fine and coarse grating. Another handy gadget to save time when slicing or dicing fruit or vegetables is a multi-chopper. They can chop onions and cut potatoes into chips in seconds in one movement to keep food preparation time to a minimum. A mandoline slicer is also a handy kitchen utensil for slicing and cutting uniform julienne vegetables. Mandolines can be fitted with attachment blades for crinkle cutting, grating, dicing and making waffle cuts. All these cooking utensils are wonderful for saving effort in the kitchen when you have a lot of grating, slicing or dicing to do and are stuck for time.