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Shoe racks and shoe organisers – clever solutions for keeping your hallway neat and tidy

Who doesn't want to have a tidy hall where everything has its place? Nowadays there are clever solutions for organising footwear so that it doesn't need to clutter your hallway or pile up near your front door. Different types of shoe racks are available which can be placed in the hallway to help keep your shoes, sandals, boots, trainers, etc. in one place and make your home look more inviting. Shoe racks often have two or more tiers to accommodate several pairs of shoes. Some shoe racks are extendable so they don't take up more space than necessary. For those who prefer not to keep all their footwear in the hall there are shoe racks that can be hung on walls, over doors and shoe racks that can be kept in wardrobes, out of sight. A boot tray is also a practical solution to keep your floor dry in wet weather. A shoe drip tray can hold several pairs of shoes or boots to prevent dirt, water or snow from dripping onto your floor. Boot trays are low-profile, so they are easy to stow away when not in use.