Clas Ohlson

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Smart products to help protect plants and cultivate your crop

We sell a number of practical accessories for growing plants in the open, in a greenhouse on a raised bed or balcony. Our gardening section has everything from small plant labels and bubble wrap insulation to plant covers and mini greenhouses. Covering your vegetable plot with a fleece plant cover will keep the warmth in and help your seeds grow more quickly. A plant cover will also protect your plants from attack by animals and insects. To hold the ground cover in place we sell ground cover anchor pegs. For growing plants in a raised bed, we have bespoke fleece plant covers, tailor-made to fit our smart ready-made pallet collar raised beds. Hoops are also available to fit over the pallet collars or on the ground to form plant tunnels. Another fruitful favourite is our bird netting for protecting your fruit trees or bushes from uninvited guests such as marauding magpies and other wildlife.