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Altered:Nozzle Aerator

Altered:Nozzle Aerator
Article No. 41-1340

39.99 (incl. VAT,  ex. delivery) Available In Stock
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  • Aerator nozzle which saves up to 98% water consumption.
  • Smart environmentally friendly technology.
  • 2 different modes: mist and spray.
  • Easy installation – fits most standard taps.

  • OtherFits most standard taps (non-pressurized systems). 
  • Packaging size 10.2 x 9.7 x 3.7 cm
  • Packaging weight 130  g
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      The Altered:Nozzle is a revolutionary product which easily fits onto your existing tap. By atomising the water, consumption is reduced by 98% while full functionality is retained. Convenient design which saves both water and energy. Fits most standard taps (excluding non-pressurised systems).

      Here's how it works
      Standard taps waste water. Most of it washes down the drain. Through atomisation, water is turned into millions of high-pressure droplets. The total area covered is multiplied significantly since each drop occupies its own surface area. This means that you use all water that comes out of the tap to its maximum efficiency. Nothing is wasted. This means that you can wash your hands, do the washing up, brush your teeth and much more using just 2% of the amount of water used by a normal tap.

      Mist and spray mode
      Mist mode saves 98% water consumption, which is great for washing your hands, washing dishes or rinsing vegetables. Outputting only 200 ml of water/minute means that it will take at 2 minutes to fill a glass of water, that's why the aerator is also equipped with a spray mode. This increases output to 1.8 litres/minute, perfect for bathrooms yet still saving at least 85 % in water consumption. You can also increase water flow further by removing the integrated flow-limiter and get a 4.5 litre/minute of output, which can be practical for kitchen taps. This will still give you a savings of up to 70% compared to a standard tap output, which is more than enough for anyone's needs.

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