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Pilot Parallel Fountain Pen

Pilot Parallel Fountain Pen
Article No. 44-4013-4

9.99 (incl. VAT,  ex. delivery)     Available In Stock
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  • Fountain pen with two parallel plates to create very sharp lines.
  • A unique calligraphy pen which is easily filled with ink cartridges.
  • Create, draw, make name tags, music notes and much more.
  • With two pens you can create gradated colours by transferring ink from one pen nib to another.
  • Comes with 4 different nib sizes.

  • Number in pack 1 pc
  • Intended for Calligraphy 
  • Type of tip Steel 
  • Type of pen Fountain Pen 
  • Comes with Black Ink Cartridge 
    Red Ink Cartridge 
    Cleaning Converter  
  • Packaging size 20 x 6.5 x 1.8 cm
  • Packaging weight 38  g
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      Advanced calligraphy pen with metal nib. The nib consists of two parallel plates (enabling the drawing of both thick and thin lines) allowing the writer to create very sharp lines. The Parallel fountain pen is refillable using IC-P3 ink cartridges and has a unique feature which allows the blending of inks for two-tone script.

      The pen glides smoothly across most types of paper surfaces. An unique feature of the parallel pen allows you to create gradated colours by transferring ink from one pen nib to another – two Parallel Pens will be needed in order to do this. You could even try writing on watercolour paper for an interesting texture.

      The Parallel Pen is available in four nib widths. When any of the pens is held edge-on with the Pilot-logo facing upwards, the pen will create a 0.5 mm line. Turning the pen to use the width of the nib will enable you to create wider lines and effects. Each pen set comes with a parallel pen, nib (one width per set), one black ink cartridge, one red ink cartridge, a converter to flush the pen and a nib cleaner.
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