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Vicks Cool Mist VUL520 Humidifier

Vicks Cool Mist VUL520 Humidifier Vicks Cool Mist VUL520 Humidifier
The product is discontinued. Replacement items, spare parts and accessories may still be available for this product.
Article No.  18-5112

Vicks Cool Mist VUL520 Humidifier

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      Compact humidifier that uses ultrasonics to vaporise water into a cool water mist. Having the correct humidity indoors, especially during winter, can help prevent a dry nose, throat, eyes and skin can also reduce the survival of flu viruses.

      Its quiet operation and cool water vapour (no risk of scalding), make the Cool Mist VUL 520 suitable for children's rooms. The 1.8-litre water tank lasts for up to 20 hours operation. Scented mist can also be produced by using VapoPads scented pads (sold separately) in the humidifier. Suitable for rooms up to 15 m².

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