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Whitelines A5 Dotted Notebook

Whitelines A5 Dotted Notebook
Article No. 44-2671-3

2.99 (incl. VAT,  ex. delivery) Available In Stock
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  • A fancy notebook to use as a Bullet Journal for instance.
  • Spiral-bound notebook with white dots which provide guidance without distracting.
  • Tinted background – easier on the eye.
  • Save and share your notes using the Whitelines Link App.
  • Combine physical and digital notes.

  • Paper formatA5 
  • Number of sheets60 pc
  • TypeDotted 
  • PunchedNo 
  • PerforatedYes 
  • BindingSpiral bound 
  • Weight80 g/m²
  • Packaging size 21 x 16.8 x 1.5 cm
  • Packaging weight 223  g
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  • More Info
      A new generation of notebook is here. The WL105 is a spiral bound notebook with 60 dotted pages, where the usual lines have been replaced with white dots.

      What makes this jotter unique? Since ink is normally dark, the dark lines of normal notebooks are distracting and make what you wrote difficult to read. The unique white dots that this notebook has enhances what you have written, making everything more visible. This provides you with structure but does not hamper your creativity and helps in bringing out your notes and ideas in a clearer fashion.

      Dots and the background will disappear on any copy or scanned digital copy allowing your notes to stand out without distraction.

      Just like your brain, automatic OCR readers have difficulties in differentiating what is written from the lines they are written on as with traditional notebook paper. Using Whitelines will give you more successful search results when searching through your notes when using apps like Evernote.

      The Whitelines Link App works in conjunction with Whitelines Link paper, making it easier to scan, save and share your notes. Available for download on the App Store or Google Play.

      FSC® labelled, manufactured using responsible forestry management.

      Whitelines website
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