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Batteries and chargers for everyday gadgets

Cylindrical alkaline batteries of the common AA penlight and AAA micro size are just a couple of the many varieties of battery in our product range. We offer you a choice of high quality batteries and great value multipacks for long-lasting power. Alternatively you could buy some of our rechargeable batteries and a battery charger and use the same batteries over and over again. Button cell batteries, or coin-shaped batteries such as the common CR2032 are well-known as watch batteries but their small size makes them useful for many applications. Coin cells come in many sizes not only power watches, but are ideal for a multitude of devices from remote controls and car keys to tea lights and small torches. Lithium batteries have a high charge density which means that they have a high energy capacity and can maintain their charge for a long time, giving them a long service life. We even sell some special batteries such as hearing aid batteries.
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