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Voltage converters, power supply units and mains adapters

We have a number of different kinds and sizes of voltage converters, power supply units and adapters. They all convert power in one way other another to enable you to run electrical devices from the wall socket or 12 V power outlet in your car. A mains adapter or AC/DC adapter lets you run devices from a regular mains wall socket that would otherwise require batteries, like a portable radio for example. One of our smart gadgets, which is particularly useful in the summer, is a power supply unit for cool boxes. It can power your cooler, chilly bin, esky or whatever you like to call your cool box, from a wall socket for use around the home or from a 12 V outlet in a car so you can keep food and drink chilled on long journeys. It is important that you choose a converter that delivers electricity with the correct voltage and current specifications for the equipment it is to be used with. The power supply specifications are usually found on the rating plate of the equipment or in its instruction manual.