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Trunking and cable tidies

Tired of looking at tangled or messy cables? At Clas Ohlson we have a large selection of smart products to help organise all your cables, cords, leads, flexes and wires. Cables can be channelled through and concealed by trunking which is easy to mount on walls, ceilings or along furniture using double-sided adhesive tape or screws. We sell trunking in different profiles for different applications and there are also corner sections and joints to make the installation simpler and neater. Floor trunking is useful for running leads across the floor where it could be damaged or where someone could trip over it. They are handy for garages, workshops or offices. Besides trunking we also have cable wrap, cable ties and cable tidy boxes that hide cables and extension leads which would otherwise be in the way and gather dust. If you need something to fasten and hang up string lights or other cables, our cable holders are the ideal solution. They are easy to fasten to the wall, desk or other smooth surfaces.
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