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Outdoor lights to illuminate the exterior of your home

Exterior lighting can have many functions – it can illuminate a garden or the wall of a house, it can be a decoration in itself or just create a cosy or inviting atmosphere in your garden or along your driveway. Outdoor lights come in a variety of colours and styles so you can match the style of light to suit the exterior of your home. Modern houses for example, might look better with stylish, sleek spotlights with a modest look. On the other hand, an old house with more character might be more suited to an old-fashioned wall lantern look. Spotlights can also be used along the eaves of a roof to create an impressive lighting effect. Browse our large selection of outdoor wall lights, spotlights, PIR sensors and floodlights to find a good lighting solution for your home. Our outdoor lights keep your driveway, exterior walls and entrances well-lit. Look for an outdoor light with a motion-sensor (PIR sensor) if you want your light to be activated by movement instead of being on all the time. This will save energy by providing you with light only when it is needed. Modern LED floodlights are very powerful and often come with both light sensors and motion detectors so that they only come on when motion is detected when it is dark.
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