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Table lamps to suit your home

We have a wide selection of lamps and lighting fixtures and hope that you will find what you need here. We have several different models to choose from. Our table lamps come in all shapes and sizes and are made of different materials. We have tall and short lamps and table lamps with or without lampshades. Why not buy a trendy table lamp made of metal, glass, fabric, ceramic or even brass? We have models in different colours – white, black, silver, pink or grey lamps, find one to suit your style. One of our favourites is a table lamp without a shade and you can select the type of bulb that suits your decor. Combine the lamp with a fabric-clad cables and a lamp base in the same style. It is fun to decorate with pendant lighting and free-standing lamps. A ceramic lamp is an eye-catching feature in any room. Sometimes you may not have access to a power point, so we have battery-operated table lamps which are ideal for using in the caravan for instance. Table lamps not only provide extra light where needed, they are also a good way of creating a cosy atmosphere in your home. Lamps also provide a decorative element to a room when placed on a window sill. If you're looking for a desk light or reading lamp, then look no further because we stock a great selection of these too.
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