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Energy meters, IR thermometers and other meters

Measure and check levels with our measuring instruments. We have all kinds of detectors and meters from simple voltage testers to advanced multimeters and specialised sound level meters and moisture meters. Our range of detectors and meters caters for professionals and regular DIY enthusiasts. A moisture meter might be useful for a builder to check the moisture content in a material or structure, whereas a light meter might be useful for a photographer. We sell a few types of IR thermometers. They are particularly useful as they can measure the temperature of surfaces from a distance without any need for contact. Voltage testers are a quick and simple way of checking whether your lamp or power point is energised and we have a few models to choose from. An energy meter is a good way of checking how much electricity an appliance in your home uses. It might be a wise investment which could help you discover which of your household appliances are energy vampires that consume more power than you realised.
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