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Air compressors – make light work of heavy duty tasks

Using an air compressor takes the effort out of a whole range of demanding jobs. It can be used for domestic applications such as inflating tyres and for various air tools such as impact wrenches and nail guns. Using compressed air to power tools can help immensely with both small and large DIY projects. Air compressors come in different types and various sizes so you can buy one that suits your needs. Air compressors can run on petrol or electricity. Petrol-powered compressors are great for outdoor work as they can be taken anywhere and it doesn't matter if they produce exhaust fumes. Electric-powered compressors are more suited to indoor work and usually operate on regular 230 V mains electricity. Small and lightweight air compressors are best suited for small to medium-sized tools and are great for inflating tyres and powering nail guns. Air compressors with larger tanks can be used for longer at a time, making them good for spray painting. The versatility of an air compressor is amazing. Apart from using compressed air to inflate tyres, beds and pools, it can be used in spray guns and blow guns. An air compressor is invaluable for auto repairs and DIY, it can power pneumatic or air tools such as nail guns, impact wrenches, die grinders, angle grinders, ratchet wrenches and air drills.