Clas Ohlson

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Clamps and vices for easier and safer work

When sawing, drilling, screwing or glueing it is important that your workpiece is held securely and does not wobble. This is both for better results and for your own safety. Our product range includes a number of helpful devices for holding workpieces in place such as the one-hand clamp, which can be opened and closed using just one hand. We also have G-clamps, F-clamps, ratchet clamps and lever clamps. A strong spring clamp can have a number of uses, such as clamping items being glued or fastening down a tarpaulin. When glueing or assembling large items a sash clamp is invaluable as it has a much larger span than an F-clamp. A bench vice is a very secure platform for holding most workpieces for sawing, drilling, grinding or filing. We sell a number of different bench vices, a metalworking vice, a machine vice and a multi-angle vice with a ball joint for working in any position.