Clas Ohlson

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Tools for marking and for punching letters, numbers and holes

If you need to make holes in cardboard, cloth or leather, we have the tools you require in our range of hollow punches and revolving hole punch pliers. To make many holes or if the material is thick, such as a belt or saddle, a revolving hole punch with a compound lever mechanism is ideal, as it requires little effort to use. Hollow punches are struck with a hammer to cut holes in material e.g. for installing eyelets or grommets. Make a lasting impression on your workpiece with a letter punch or number punch. Our steel letter and number punch sets come in different sizes and are useful for embossing metal workpieces or jewellery with your name or a number. For marking out and drawing lines and measurements on wood, we stock the classic wooden carpenter's pencil and the Pica Dry mechanical carpenter's pencil with a narrow, pointed tip capable of writing on most surfaces, wet or dry. When the lead runs out it can be replaced with a refill. For marking out where to cut or drill on harder materials like metal, glass or ceramic, a scriber which scratches the surface of the material is the best tool.