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Check out our wide range of pliers and cutters for a variety of applications

No respectable tool box would be complete without a pair of decent pliers. At Clas Ohlson, you can choose the level of quality and price to suit your needs from makes such as Knipex, Bahco and our own brand, Cocraft. Waterpump pliers are very useful and versatile tools to have at your disposal, which is why we cater to all types of DIYer by offering various sized models with different jaw spans. One special variant of waterpump pliers is a tool called a Pliers Wrench, which is a cross between a pair of slip-joint pliers and an adjustable spanner. It is a good all-round tool for gripping and bending and has smooth jaws for working on chrome or sensitive surfaces. Our range of cutters includes end cutters, side cutters, high-leverage cutters, pincers and bolt cutters. If you need to cut sheet metal, we have a number of tin snips to choose from, straight-bladed or with blades curving to the left or to the right. When working on electronics you will need ESD pliers to prevent electrostatic discharges. Our ESD-classed pliers are available in different models; combination pliers, snipe nose pliers and even side cutters. For inserting hollow wall anchors into plasterboard or cavity walls, we recommend you use a smart Setting Tool.
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