Clas Ohlson

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Handles, knobs, hooks, hinges and hangers

Visit us whenever you are looking for new fittings for your kitchen cabinets. We stock a selection of drawer pulls and handles for your cupboards and cabinets. We also have handles and latches for doors and windows. If you need to change your windows or doors, we sell frame screws to make the installation simple. Our ironmongery section contains a range of door fittings and furnishings to enable you to carry out your home improvements yourself. Extra shelves are always useful, so we stock a selection of shelves and shelf brackets to help you utilise the storage space in your kitchen, bedroom or closet. Supplement your shelving with hangers and hooks. Did you know that you can buy roller blinds at Clas Ohlson? Our roller blinds are also blackout blinds and can be cut to width.
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