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Wet and Dry vacuum cleaners

A wet and dry vacuum cleaner is more than a regular vacuum cleaner with the ability to vacuum liquids. They also tend to be more powerful and durable. They can suck up both wet and dry debris in your car, garage or renovation site. Wet and dry vacuums have powerful motors with high suction power and some of them are also fitted with power take-off sockets which can be connected to power tools and which switch the vacuum on and off automatically as you use the power tool. For example, if you plug a sander into the power take-off socket and switch the sander on, the vacuum cleaner will also come on. Our wet and dry vacuums come with various accessories. We also have a range of additional accessories such as suction hoses, nozzles, car upholstery nozzles and ash cleaners. With an ash cleaner attached to your vacuum cleaner, you can vacuum up ashes from your fireplace or wood-burning stove without damaging the vacuum cleaner. A wet and dry vacuum is used with a dust bag for dry vacuuming and without a dust bag when wet vacuuming. To keep your vacuum cleaner running smoothly we sell a range of accessories such as extra dust bags, pre-filters, air filters and filter bags which not only fit the vacuums we sell but other models too.