Clas Ohlson

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We have a wide selection of fasteners such as screws, nuts, washers and plugs.

Are you looking for a screw, nut, washer or nail? At Clas Ohson we have a large range of wood screws, machine screws, washers and nuts for most of your home or DIY projects. In our range of nails we have wire nails and brad nails as well as collated nails and staples for your nail gun. We also have wall plugs and drywall anchors if you need to fasten something to a plasterboard or a concrete wall. If you only require a single screw, nut, plug or a particular size of nail you might like to buy an assortment set. We also have threaded rods in many different sizes. Order your nails, nuts, washers or bolts online or visit one of our stores.
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