Clas Ohlson

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We have a large selection of wall plugs and wall anchors for most DIY projects.

Clas Ohlson has a wide range of universal plugs, plastic wall plugs, nylon plugs, anchors, drywall anchors, nylon toggle anchors, frame fixing plugs and nail plugs. Use a wall plug if you need to screw or nail something to a substrate made of plasterboard, concrete, brick or aggregate block. The plugs are available in different shapes and sizes to suit different purposes. Drill a hole of the appropriate size, using a hammer drill for instance, blow the area clean and then push in the plug. Then choose a nail or screw with the correct dimension to fit the chosen plug. For instance to fasten a stud to a concrete wall you should use a nail and nail plug for a quick and easy installation. Drill a hole in the concrete and the stud batten at the same time and then hammer in the plug together with the nail.
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