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Circular saw blades

Saw blades for circular saws and table saws come in a variety of sizes and with different kinds and numbers of teeth. Our broad range of saw blades contains many different sizes. We have blades for mini circular saws with blade diameters of 85 mm right up to blades 400 mm in diameter for table saws. Carbide tipped saw blades are designed for sawing wood materials in all its variations – planks, battens, boards, sheets of plywood, chipboard, MDF and other wood-based materials. Whether cross-cutting or rip-cutting, you will get better results if the saw blade is sharp, it also increases safety. We also sell negative rake TCT saw blades for radial arm saws. These blades are also suitable for sawing aluminium and plastic. Regardless of type of blade, a blade with a more teeth will produce a finer finish.