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Cutting and grinding discs

There are a variety of accessories that can be used with an angle grinder or disc cutter. Such machines are very powerful and designed to cut and grind hard materials such as stone, concrete and stainless steel. A cutting disc for an angle grinder should be chosen to suit the application. There are various types and the application the disc is designed for is printed on the disc. Bear in mind that more than one disc might be required to complete the task. A diamond disc or diamond blade is designed for cutting through really hard materials. They can be specialised for cutting stone, concrete or brick. There are diamond cutting discs for tiles, which can be handy if you plan on tiling your kitchen or bathroom. There are also general purpose cutting discs suitable for materials such as metal, masonry and plastic. There are also wire brushes that can be used with an angle grinder for effective surface preparation. Wire brush wheels produce a rough surface so it might be necessary to complete the task with a finer grade of abrasive if a fine finish is desired. Always be sure to wear appropriate safety gear when using cutting and grinding accessories with an angle grinder.
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