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Drill bits and hole saws

There are many types of drill bits to choose from for drilling holes so you need to consider what type of material you will be drilling into. It could be a good idea to buy a set of drill bits in different sizes. There are sets designed for one type of material and set with mixed drill bits – metal drill bits, wood drill bits and masonry drill bits. A set of mixed drill bits would be a basic starter set suitable for occasional home repairs and tasks requiring drilling into different materials. However, if you are working on a large project involving drilling into the same type of material it might be worth investing in a set of drill bits for that type of material. For example, a masonry drill bit is suitable for drilling into brick, concrete, hollow concrete blocks and aerated concrete blocks. Any drilling using a masonry drill bit requires a drill with a hammer/impact/percussion mechanism and extremely hard materials such as concrete might even require a rotary hammer drill. Some drill bits have SDS shanks which enables them to be held firmly and prevents them from twisting in the chuck. This type of drill bit is only compatible with drills fitted with an SDS chuck. There are two types of SDS shank: the most common is called SDS Plus and the other one is called SDS Max. The SDS Max clamping system is used on extra-powerful hammer drills for demolition work requiring large drill bits. As well as drill bit sets we also sell hole saw sets with hole saws of different diameters for different materials. For drilling into glass and glazed ceramic wall and floor tiles we sell special glass and tile drill bits. Drill bits and hole saws can even be found in our handy drill accessory sets along with other tools such as screwdriver bits, nut drivers and flat wood bits.
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