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Sanding, grinding and polishing accessories

There are many different types of sanding and grinding bits that can be fitting into a die grinder or even the chuck of a drill to take the hard work out of paint removal, sanding and polishing. These small accessories increase the uses for your power tool and enable you to perform a large number of tasks. With just one rotary power tool and the right accessories you will be able to rasp, file, brush, sand, grind and polish a range of materials including wood and metal. Brands such as Bosch and Dremel have a huge selection of accessories for brushing and polishing and can often be purchased in sets. Rotary brushes come in different materials such as steel wire and nylon – steel wire wheel or cup brushes are harder on the surface and more effective, nylon brushes are good for when the surface doesn't need to be scrubbed quite so hard. Polishing sets are available for buffing the surfaces of materials such as metal, plastic and marble to a high-gloss finish. You could try using one of our polishing accessories for polishing the car, motorbike or stone counter top in your bathroom. Rotary sanding, grinding and polishing accessories are easy to use and can be used in an electric drill, which many people already have, making them cheaper to buy than a specialised power tool.
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