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Multi-tool accessories

There are a number of tools on the market which can perform a variety of tasks, they are called multi-tools. When it comes to power tools there are two main types of multi-tool, the oscillating multi-tool and the rotary multi-tool or die grinder. Tasks which would have taken hours to accomplish using traditional tools can now be completed with a multi-tool in a fraction of the time using the right multi-tool accessories. A multi-tool is designed to be used on small surfaces and in confined spaces to take full advantage of the small contact surface area of the many tool attachments. You may need to saw through skirting boards, cut through nails, sand, grind or polish in confined spaces, remove grout from tiles, scrape off glue residue and much more. It is important to select the correct accessory for the job to get the most out of the multi-tool. There are accessory sets available containing an assortment of attachments for the different types of multi-tool, either the oscillating multi-tool or the rotary multi-tool such as a die grinder. Accessories can also be bought individually including Tungsten carbide cutters, grinding bits, sanding drums and saw blades. There are even polishing brushes and wheels to put a nice sheen on the workpiece after cutting and grinding. A huge range of accessories are available for well-known brands such a Dremel, Bosch, Dewalt and Black & Decker. Different makes of oscillating multi-tool have different types of accessory clamping systems so not all accessories are compatible with all multi-tools. However, there is a standard system called Starlock that can be used by several different makes of multi-tool. Bosch and Fein use the Starlock system. The system has three variants – Starlock, StarlockPlus and StarlockMax – check carefully before ordering accessories to make sure that your tool is compatible.
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