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Plane irons and cutter blades

Need a new cutter blade for your planer and thicknesser? Different types of planing machines take different sized blades. Check the dimensions and specifications of the cutter blade on your planer before ordering a replacement. It is important that you use a cutter blade that is a sharp as possible in order to plane and thickness timber as evenly and efficiently as possible. A damaged blade will produce poor results. Be careful when planing old pieces of timber and watch out for hidden nails and screws. Remove any nails or screws from the workpiece before planing it to avoid damage to the cutter blade. What is a planer blade and is it difficult to change? An electric planer has replaceable blades of either high speed steel (HSS) or Tungsten carbide tipped steel (TCT) and are relatively easy to change. Quick blade changes cut down on wasted work time. Planer blades should be replaced as soon as you suspect that they are no longer sharp.