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Saw blades for all types of saws

Clas Ohlson stocks a wide range of saw blades from various brands such as Bosch for all types of saws. Bandsaw blades of different sizes for cutting straight lines or curves in pieces of timber, MDF and plywood. There are different lengths of bandsaw blade, so always make sure that you order one that fits your saw. Ask if you are unsure, ask our customer service team for advice. Reciprocating saws or sabre saws are great for demolition work such as cutting through wooden framework and metal pipes and bars quickly, but be sure to have some quality replacement saw blades. A sharp saw blade will help ensure optimum cutting capacity throughout the entire task. We have a variety of jigsaw blades made of different types of metal and with different numbers of teeth per inch (TPI) for sawing different materials and for different makes of jigsaw. Jigsaw blades have one of two types of shank, either a universal shank (U-shank) or a bayonet shank (T-shank). Check which type of shank your jigsaw takes before ordering. Jigsaws are handy for cutting curves and shapes in wood sheet material. Besides sawing wood, jigsaws can also be used for cutting sheet metal, plastic, ceramic and fibreglass depending on the type of blade used. A jigsaw could be used for cutting a hole or a shape in a sheet of metal or rounding off the corners to cut down on the amount of filing work.
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