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Saw stands

Placing your compound mitre saw or table saw on a stand will raise it to a suitable height for ergonomical working. A stand will enable you to work comfortably with the saw and carry out your work more safely. Using the extendable roller supports or separate roller stands, you will be able to handle longer workpieces more easily. Roller support stands support the timber when your arms can't reach. A mitre saw stand is a great investment for the DIYer with a compound mitre saw who plans on sawing a lot of planks and boards and wants to work comfortably and maintain mobility. There are models with wheels or without wheels but both versions are light and easy to assemble. The different brands, Dewalt and Bosch included, have quick-release mounts and are compatible with most models of mitre saws and table saws. If the spacing of the mounting holes on the saw stand is not the same as the holes on the saw, there are adapter plates on the market to help make them fit.