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Screwdriver bits and bit holders

Buying a screwdriver bit set from Dewalt or Bosch for example will enable you to keep all your screwdriver bits together in a practical case. Screwdriver bit sets come with different numbers of bits. Screwdriver bits are useful for fitting into multi-bit screwdrivers and cordless drills for all types of construction and renovation tasks involving screws. Not only large building projects, even small assembly tasks and carpentry. Often the bits are colour-coded to help you find the right size more quickly. The sets usually contain an assortment of insert bits for cross-head, slotted and Torx head screws as well as attachments for holding the bits in a drill driver. Do you use an impact driver? If you use an impact driver, be sure to use screwdriver bits designed for that purpose. Such bits are usually black in colour and have a slightly narrower waist to help absorb the impact from the driver which increases their service life and reduces the likelihood that they will shear. Other handy accessories for use with a drill driver include a keyless chuck adapter, magnetic bit holder, nut setters and hex-drive to square-drive adapters to convert a cordless drill into a socket wrench. We stock a number of useful gadgets to help you get the most out of your power tools. A flexible extension bar for example will let you access screws in confined spaces.
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