Clas Ohlson

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Lighters and utility lighters

We sell utility lighters and the gas to refill them. Our utility gas lighters come in various shapes and sizes, we even have a compact model that takes up little space. A utility lighter can be used to light fireplaces, BBQ’s, wood stoves safely and also for lighting candles and tea lights. With a practical, refillable utility lighter you are being kind to the environment as you don't need to buy a new lighter, just refill the butane gas. A clever alternative to the traditional lighter is the rechargeable USB lighter. The rechargeable USB lighter can be charged from a computer or other USB charging device. It generates an electric arc between two ceramic electrodes and you simply place the item to be lit between the electrodes. The USB lighter is ideal for lighting all kinds of candles such as tea lights, dinner candles, scented candles and memorial candles.