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Plant pots and vases – big and small

What could be better to display your flowers and flower arrangements in than elegant plant pots and vases? Flower pots come in all shapes and sizes, so you can choose a small plant pot for a small flower and a large plant pot or planter for a big flower or plant. Besides the size of the plant, a plant pot can also match or complement the colour of the room where it is placed or the plant it contains. At Clas Ohlson you can find plant pots for indoor and outdoor use. Planters designed for outdoor use are made of slightly thicker material to withstand the effects of weather. Planters made from recycled plastic are an environmentally-friendly way to reduce the amount of new plastic being produced as the material they are made from has been reused. Besides flower pots and vases you can also find plant saucers, stands, hanging baskets and planters made from metal and various kinds of woven materials, both natural and artificial.