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Timeless wall clocks

A wall clock is a decorative fixture which can really set the style in a room. By choosing the style of wall clock to suit your furnishings, you can affect how others perceive the atmosphere of the room. A large clock will suit the wall of your kitchen as well as in another room. A wall clock can be an attractive centrepiece in a living room or hall and can give the room some depth. Small clocks however, are more discreet and blend into the surroundings. They are attractive and tell the time but don't make a big impression. Wall clocks are not only practical, they come in different styles. At Clas Ohlson you will find a wide selection of styles in different sizes and models. Everything from small modern clocks to large vintage-look clocks. Nowadays, whisper-quiet clock movements are pretty standard in case you prefer that to a nostalgic ticking clock.