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Electric kettles – essential for a quick cuppa

An electric kettle is a quick and efficient way of boiling water. It is a standard kitchen appliance in most homes and is often in daily use so it is a good idea to choose a quality kettle that meets your requirements. Kettles are not only useful for making tea and coffee. They usually boil water faster than heating it in a saucepan. This makes them useful for saving time when boiling water for cooking vegetables, pasta or rice. Most modern electric kettles also have safety cut-off switches to turn them off automatically when the water has boiled. This not only prevents the kettles from boiling dry, it also saves you from having to keep an eye on it all the time. Electric kettles come in all shapes, colours and sizes, so there should be no problem finding one which will look great in your kitchen. Many modern electric kettles, called cordless kettles, now have the power cord attached to a base and heat the water by induction. These cordless kettles are very handy as they can be picked up and carried to where they are needed with one hand without needing to be unplugged.