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Cycling to work has never been easier!

Electrical bicycles are all the rage these days. We at Clas Ohlson think that electric bikes or e-bikes are a great invention. By opting out of the usual modes of transport such as car, bus and train you can save yourself money, improve your health and do your bit to minimise your environmental impact. With an e-bike, you can decide yourself how much assistance you want from the onboard motor to help power you through headwinds or up hills. The battery holds a lot of charge, so it will last you for miles of effortless cycling without you needing to worry about recharging it. Our e-bikes have been designed with the commuter in mind. They are ideal for urban environments for cycling to work but also comfortable enough for long rides and touring holidays. We have two different models of electric bikes, both designed for maximum comfort and ergonomics. Read more about our two models here to get an insight into their features and to find out which one will suit you best.