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Life jackets and buoyancy aids

Stay safe on the water – wear a floatation device whenever sailing, fishing or paddling your canoe. Our personal floatation devices come in various shapes and sizes to fit a variety of wearers. Choose a life jacket if you can't swim, it will turn you over and keep your head above water if you should end up in the water and are unconscious. If you are a proficient swimmer, you might choose a buoyancy aid instead of a life jacket. Although not a life-saving device, a buoyancy aid will help keep a conscious person stay afloat and is good for canoeing and kayaking because it allows the wearer good freedom of movement. We also sell convenient inflatable life jackets. They inflate automatically should you fall into water and can be re-armed with a new gas cartridge after use. We sell gas cartridges required to re-arm self-inflating life jackets and a throw line for rescuing people in the water.
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