Clas Ohlson

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Backpacks suitable for hiking

We have generous sized rucksacks in smaller and larger models, with distinctive features that are useful when you are hiking, camping or just exploring the great outdoors. All our hiking rucksacks have several handy pockets and compartments, which are cleverly designed so that you can easily access the contents; they have a durable outer shell and are comfortable to carry. With padded mesh shoulder straps, a waist belt and adjustable harness system, you will be able to carry your backpack for longer even with a heavy load. For optimal use of your hiking bag, complement it with a hydration system and feed the hose through the compartments in the rucksack so that you can drink water from the tube without having to stop every time you need a drink. We also have waterproof bags, other containers and carrier bags in which you can pack items that are more sensitive.