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Charcoal and gas barbecues

Enjoy a BBQ with family and friends. Spring is the time to dust off your BBQ and get your patio or garden looking good for fun outdoor meals with family and friends. Charcoal barbecues are popular in the UK and as soon as the weather permits most people will wheel out their BBQ. BBQ habits have changed over the years and people now also barbecue for breakfast and lunch as well as dinner. Gas barbecues are becoming more popular due to their convenience. They are clean and quick to heat up. A gas BBQ can be used straight away without waiting around for coals to get hot. This cuts down cooking times. It is hard to beat the authentic smoky flavour of food cooked on a classic charcoal barbecue though. No matter what type of BBQ you own, you can cook meat, burgers, fish and vegetables on them, even desserts. Nothing beats a good BBQ!